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Erin Burnett to Laura Bush: Supporting anti-Semitism is worth it or something

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Erin Burnett may or may not replace Soledad O’Brien at CNN, but the more Burnett talks, the less of a real difference I can see.

Last week, an Egyptian woman named Samira Ibrahim was scheduled to accept an award from the State Department, until it was discovered that her Twitter feed was full of anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism. Ibrahim claimed she’d been hacked, which was a lie. Then, when the State Dept. announced that they were putting off Ibrahim’s award for the moment, she turned right around and blamed it on the “Zionist lobby.”

And that’s just fine with Erin Burnett.

Courtesy of Newsbusters:

An Egyptian woman, her name’s Samira Ibrahim, and she’s done a lot of things, courageous things. She’s also been criticized for sending tweets that are anti-Semitic, anti-American. Does the U.S. need to accept that when we want to make change. You have to support people that do those things – financially in term of awards, in terms of all these things – because it pays off in the end? Is that a trade-off we have to make?

No. No, you don’t have to support people who hate Jews and wish every day in America was 9/11. You particularly don’t have to support them financially. It’s not a trade-off you have to make, because it’s not a trade-off at all.

Burnett doesn’t specify how supporting anti-Semitism would “pay off” and “make change,” but then, I don’t suspect she’s really thought it through. It’s just one of those liberal truisms: If you treat people like spoiled children who are helpless to control themselves, if you don’t expect them to accept responsibility for their actions, they will respect you for it and Utopia will dawn.

If that seems exactly backwards to you, congratulations. You’re sane.

Don’t bother sending your résumé to CNN.

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