Chris Webber breaks down ice cream hog [VIDEO]

Stuart Dezenhall Contributor
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On NBA TV last night, former NBA all-star Chris Webber gave some play-by-play analysis of a camera catching a fan refusing his female companion a taste of his massive ice cream.

C-Webb goes nuts with the telestrator, giving the couple glasses, helpfully adding to his impressive rundown of the man’s dismissal of the woman’s attempts at sharing the dessert and her subsequent disapproving reactions.


Webber and co-analyst Isiah Thomas then break out the classic Eddie Murphy comedy routine in which Murphy taunts other children that he has ice cream and they don’t.

“I got some iiiice cream, I got some iiiice cream, you can’t haaave none,” Thomas and Webber appropriately quote.

Watch Murphy’s R-rated routine (and absolutely fantastic outfit) here for a refresher

Perhaps the NBA is just admitting they are going on a three week spring break while the sports world turns all eyes towards March Madness.

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