Obama’s limo, ‘The Beast,’ breaks down in Israel after being filled with wrong fuel [PHOTOS]

Vince Coglianese Editorial Director
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One of President Obama’s specially-designed armored Cadillac limos — called “The Beast” — broke down in Israel after it was filled with gasoline, instead of diesel, by mistake.

The eight-ton vehicle “stalled shortly after the American president landed in Israel,” according to News 2, an Israeli news service.

News 2 emphasized that the mistake was the “result of incorrect refueling conducted by U.S. personnel accompany[ing] Obama during his visit here.”

According to the Times of Israel, the vehicle was parked at Ben-Gurion Airport and failed to start.

A replacement limo was flown from a U.S. facility in Jordan to Israel via transport plane, according to the Times.

Photos of the broken-down Beast on the back of a tow truck have moved like a speeding motorcade across the Internet, with some mocking the incident as yet another impact of the March 1 sequester.

News reports gave no indication to the extent of any damage potentially caused by the fuel mix-up.

The tank-like vehicles are estimated to be worth at least $300,000 each.

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Correction: The Beast runs on diesel.