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People in Newtown want guns

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Don’t they know that their rights need to be taken away because somebody else abused his?

Associated Press:

Applications for gun permits have jumped in Newtown since the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, which sparked a renewed debate about stricter gun control laws and a surge in gun sales around the country due to worries about new limits.

Newtown in recent years has issued about 130 gun permits annually. Police say the town received 79 permit applications in the three months since the Dec. 14 massacre, well over double the normal pace.

“A good percentage of people are making it clear they think their rights are going to be taken away,” said Robert Berkins, records manager for Newtown police…

Victor Benson, who owns the Freedom Shoppe gun store in nearby New Milford, said business has tripled since the school shooting. Some of the customers are first-time buyers, he said.

“It’s just the mentality of people when you tell them that something is going to be banned, well they want to get one while they still can,” Benson said. “We’re all upset about what happened in Newtown, but it doesn’t mean … we want to have our rights taken away.”

No. It doesn’t. They still have the right to defend themselves, regardless of the cynical, manipulative, and ultimately counterproductive efforts of the gun-grabbers.

Isn’t that right, Harry Reid?

(Hat tip: Michal Conger)

P.S. In related news: Family’s home raided over Facebook photo of child’s rifle. Know your rights. Don’t assume the police do.

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