Cleveland fan runs on court asking LeBron to return to Cavs [VIDEO]

Stuart Dezenhall Contributor
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Cleveland fans tend to go a little nuts whenever LeBron James comes back to town, so why should last night’s Cleveland-Heat match-up be any different?

One idiot fan even ran onto the court during live play, donning a “LeBron: 2014 Come Back” shirt, referring to James’ upcoming 2014 free agency.

The fan took about two steps onto the court before having a vintage Ron Burgundy moment – I immediately regret this decision…these [players] are massive! They looked a lot smaller from up there!

Security stopped the distraction quickly, escorting/forcing the guy off the court before he could plead his case to James.

This guy needs some practice. Badly.

His one-man court storm lasted a mere matter of seconds and he completely whiffed on his target, blowing right past James as he rushed onto the court.

The stunt came amid the Heat’s incredible 27-point second-half comeback win over the Cavaliers, further pouring water on Cavs hopes of wooing LeBron back home.


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