Vincent Smith profits off of getting crushed by Jadeveon Clowney

Stuart Dezenhall Contributor
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It was the hit that highlighted last year’s college football bowl season.

South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney burst through the Michigan offensive line and knocked running back Vincent Smith so hard that Smith lost both his helmet and the football in one motion.

In case you were one of three people in the western hemisphere not to see the play, here it is.

Clowney, the one who made the impressive play, will benefit from the fame and will be a top draft pick next year. Deservedly.

Smith, who’s primary role in the play was the victim, and who’s role since the play has been in internet memes that show his head literally blowing up upon Clowney’s impact, is trying to reap the benefits as well.

Now the Michigan back has begun selling pictures from the hit with his autograph. Props to Smith for finding his silver lining in the whole ordeal, since he’s spent the last several month as the butt of endless jokes from sports fans.

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