High school teacher busted with Photoshopped images of students’ heads on naked bodies

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Police in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania arrested a local high school Spanish teacher on Thursday for allegedly creating and disseminating Photoshopped images of naked bodies — to which he attached students’ faces.

The teacher, Jeffrey Schmutzler, had four terabytes of data storage capability at his home, reports Public Opinion, a local newspaper. (Four terabytes is the rough equivalent of several laptop computers’ storage capacity.) Pornographic images, including child pornography, reportedly took up much of that space.

Federal prosecutors charge that Schmutzler also wrote fictional sex fantasies involving him from the perspectives of students, according to WHP-TV, the local CBS affiliate.

The 42-year-old bachelor apparently owned a couple of life-size silicone dolls, too.

Schmutzler faces charges of distribution and receipt of material involving the sexual exploitation of minors. He appeared before a federal judge in Harrisburg on Thursday evening.

In the mean time, Pennsylvania State Police, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, and a branch of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement are all investigating the case.

“The search warrant was based on a review of records contained in an international company’s computer database,” the criminal complaint says.

However, many details about the case are not known, because portions of the complaint are sealed. For example, it’s unclear how the 16-year teaching veteran obtained his copious collection of child porn.

Chambersburg Area Senior High School has placed Schmutzler on leave pending the result of criminal proceedings, notes Public Opinion.

“This morning an employee of the district was taken into custody at his home by federal postal inspectors,” Superintendent Joe Padasak said in a statement. “We are certainly deeply upset about this incident and we are taking measures to keep our students and staff safe.”

The school district is also making counselors available for students.

Schmutzler’s parents were floored by their son’s arrest, reports WHP-TV.

“The sheriff called me that they’ve arrested him. And we had no idea. It came as a total shock to us,” Schmutzler’s mother told the CBS affiliate.

Schmutzler’s parents posted $60,000 bail. However, he is under round-the-clock supervision because he apparently informed arresting officers that he planned on killing himself.

If a court finds Schmutzler guilty, he faces at least five years in prison and some $250,000 in fines.

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