From darling to big-time, FGCU coach goes to USC

Stuart Dezenhall Contributor

Remember that “Dunk City” thing that happened a week or two ago?

Those kids from Florida Gulf Coast defying all odds to go where no No. 15 seed has ever gone before in the NCAA Tournament?

A program that was in only its second year of postseason eligibility dunking all over its storied competition?

Well, the honeymoon lasted only a matter of days as head coach Andy Enfleid signed a six-year contract to become the head coach at the University of Southern California last night.

Enfield capitalized on his FGCU success and the national coverage it received, bolting for a more prestigious head coaching job that will pay him over $1 million a year over six years. Enfleid was being paid $157,000 a year at FGCU.

Enfield will bring his up-tempo system to the same region where the L.A. Lakers ran their famed “Showtime” style of play that won NBA championships and excited fans for years.

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