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Is Arianna Huffington an apartment-wrecking slob?

Huffington, post-moveout.

NY Post:

Arianna Huffington partied so hard in her rented Chelsea loft that it looked like a scene from Animal House after a rowdy frat party, according to a new lawsuit.

When Huffington departed the 4,400 square foot, seven-story apartment at 227 W. 17th Street in January she’d caused $275,000 in damages ranging from “gouged, stained and otherwise damaged” walls, “scratched, punctured” wood floors, bloodied mattresses and broken appliances, the Manhattan Supreme Court suit charges…

Even though Huffington agreed to be the apartment’s sole occupant in the lease, her daughters allegedly crashed in the office and den, according to the suit.

Well, that’s– Wait. Hold on. Bloodied mattresses? Plural? What the hell was going on in there? Never mind, I think we’re all better off not knowing.

By the way, Huffington paid between $27-$35K per month for the, er, pad. Just remember that fact the next time she starts going off about “the 1%.”