Guy lets his girl get hit in the face by a home run ball [VIDEO]

Stuart Dezenhall Contributor
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The baseball season is only a few days old, and we already have ourselves a classic fan moment.

At the Cardinals-Diamondbacks game last night, a home run ball smacked a fan in center field right in the face, as her not-so-heroic boyfriend bailed out.

This champ stood his ground until he realized that the little white ball was heading straight for his table and decided he had better scoot out of harm’s way, shuffling away just in time to catch a nice glimpse of his female companion taking the home run ball right in the face.

The dork then tried to help out when he realized he had just completely failed the Boyfriend 101 test of not bolting out of the way when a fast moving object is rocketing towards your girlfriend’s head.

“Nice going, boyfriend,” called the play-by-play man.

Nice going, indeed.


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