Fat naked woman goes on rampage in German gym

Sarah Hofmann Contributor

A grotesque, morbidly obese woman named Danica Mueller, 35, has been charged with verbal abuse and resisting requests from law officers after she and her boyfriend made a scene and refused to leave a health club in Karlsruhe, Germany.

The hefty Mueller, who weighs in at a sizable 224 pounds, says she was sitting in the sauna fully naked when two other patrons told her she was too big for the sauna, reports the Daily Mail.

Mueller alleges that one sauna occupant even said people of her size would have been “drowned in the Middle Ages.” When she began shouting and making screeching noises, the owner of the club tried to mediate between the parties involved. But Mueller would not stop yelling.

The owner then called law enforcement, who still could not placate the large woman. When they began removing Mueller, her 54-year-old boyfriend started to make a scene, too.

Two officers were injured in the scuffle. The fat woman is now pressing charges and claiming the police assaulted her.

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