Lone Star Community College students: We should be allowed to have guns on campus [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Two students from Lone Star Community College in Cypress, Tex., appeared on Piers Morgan’s CNN show Tuesday night to argue that students at the school should be allowed to carry firearms on campus.

Earlier that day at the college, 20-year-old Dylan Quick was taken into custody by local authorities for allegedly wounding at least 14 people, two critically, with a razor-like knife. The students, brothers Jonathan and Jon Paul Clayton, argued that this event could have been avoided if students were allowed to carry guns. Morgan, a vocal proponent for stricter gun laws, disagreed.

MORGAN: Let me turn to you, Jonathan and Jon Paul. Although you didn’t see the incident, you have quite strong views about how you think you should be empowered to deal with this kind of thing. Tell me what you think should happen.
JONATHAN CLAYTON, STUDENT AT LONE STAR COLLEGE: Well, sir, I think that — you know that we as students, are — I mean, we are adults and the government does not permit us to have — carry weapons even, sir, even if you have the certificates and certification to carry a handgun. And I think that law should be changed for protection.
MORGAN: So you basically both think —
MORGAN: Right. You both think that you should be allowed to carry guns at school?
JON PAUL CLAYTON: Yes, sir. If you’re properly trained and have the certifications and all the legal papers, because 99.9 percent of all gun owners are legal, abiding citizens.

Following the students’ appearance, Texas State Sen. Dan Patrick went on Morgan’s program in an attempt to point out flaws in Morgan’s anti-gun arguments and bolster the case for firearm ownership.

DAN PATRICK: I thought you were going to have a new issue tonight, Piers. I thought you would want banning of knives all over America because you have wanted to ban guns and let’s in a very serious mode, Piers —
MORGAN: See, why would you —
PATRICK: Thank God —
MORGAN: Why would you start the conversation by being so completely facetious?
PATRICK: Because actually the way you’ve been thinking about the whole gun issue, I found just totally out of touch with reality.

Patrick argued that, in Texas, things are very different than some other high-crime places where the gun laws are more strict.

“In Texas, we believe in defending our families and our properties with guns and crime is down,” Patrick said. “In Chicago, where you have some of the toughest laws against guns, crime is up and I wouldn’t want to be out on the streets in Chicago. I’ll be out on the streets in Houston or Dallas and San Antonio and feel safe.”

“And secondly, Piers, thank God this young man did not have a gun today,” he continued. “Think about the massacre that could have been stopped if another student had had a gun. And my guess is if this student with the knife had known that people with the [concealed handgun license], law-abiding citizens had a gun, he wouldn’t have stabbed 12 or 14 people today.”

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