Patton Oswalt filibusters Pawnee city council with epic ‘Star Wars VII’ plot proposal [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Comedian and actor Patton Oswalt — who penned a viral tribute to Boston after Monday’s attacks — will appear on this Thursday’s episode of “Parks and Recreation” as a Pawnee citizen who is upset about Leslie Knope’s (Amy Poelher) proposed changes to outdated or sexist laws on the town charter.

Oswalt’s character attempts to perform a “citizen filibuster” for as long as he possibly can so that the town council can’t vote on the changes.

“Parks and Rec” producers told Oswalt to improvise, so for eight minutes the comedian rambled on about his proposed plot to the forthcoming “Star Wars VII” plot. It involves a headless Chewbacca, some of the “top tier” superheroes from “The Avengers,” with cameos by “Iron Man’s” Tony Stark and Wolverine.

If you haven’t laughed today, watch Oswalt outline his plot. Are you listening, JJ Abrams?


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