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The alleged ricin guy is on Twitter and Facebook

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Of course.

The Blaze:

“Paul Kevin Curtis, 45, of Tupelo, Miss., has been arrested in connection with ricin letters that were sent to both Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) and President Barack Obama,” The New York Times reports. Initial reports listed the suspect as “Kenneth Curtis,” however, the Times updated its report with the corrected name…

A few hours before federal officials announced the arrest, TheBlaze was contacted by bloggers at Lady Liberty 1885 who had noticed some key similarities between a “Kevin Curtis” from Tupelo, Miss. and the person suspected of sending the ricin letters.

Among several other similarities, Kevin Curtis used the phrase “This is KC and I approve this message” in a previous Facebook post — the same exact phrase included in the ricin-laced letters.

Lady Liberty 1885 also discovered the following self-pic on Curtis’ Facebook page:

Maybe he was just being ironic. Or maybe this guy is about to fall off the front page PDQ.

And here are a few of his tweets:


Any takers?

More like “run from officers.”

Oh, that’s right, this guy is an Elvis impersonator. Why not?

“17 + years experience Commercial & residential cleaning business. Office cleaning. Window washing. Detailed Home/Office cleaning.” So he knows his way around household chemicals.

And he follows the news…

Glad they nabbed this guy so quickly. Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bombers are next. Whoever they end up being.

Update: He also impersonates Bon Jovi. Jury selection is gonna be a bitch.