Dennis Miller on the welfare state: One day someone will set off a bomb ‘with an Obama phone’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter

On Wednesday’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” show regular Dennis Miller sounded off on the Boston bombing suspects and their connection to the welfare state.

“As far as these two kids go, I got veterans calling in and telling me they’re getting their aid cutback and [Tameran Tsarnaev] is getting welfare, the one on the left,” Miller said as a picture of the brothers appeared on screen. “One of these days, somebody is going to trigger one of those homemade bombs with an Obama phone.  Can we at least cut the welfare off now? If possible we, in an effort to be more evolved, don’t pay for this kid’s funeral? I know if we do this in kind that brings us down to their level — that’s a misnomer. It takes us six feet below their level. And we better wake up to this, for God’s sakes.”

Miller then turned to President Obama’s reluctance to call the attack an act of terror in the immediate aftermath of the attacks.

“And you know something, when you say ‘why is the president afraid to say ‘terrorism?’’” Miller said. “Listen, Billy, I’ll be candid with you. It’s one of three things: He’s either stupid, or he is creepy or he’s a genius like HAL 9000, who has thrown a wire and doesn’t quite know what he’s doing. But we are so polarized in this culture right now, I’m not even sure a good old clash of civilizations is enough to bring us together anymore.”

The former Saturday Night Live player then detailed his ideal punishment for bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

“We should reanimate this one kid and put him back to death. We should de-brainwash the other kid, bring him back and show him the picture of the 8-year-old gap-toothed beautiful boy that he killed so he realizes what he did,” Miller said. “We should do the Bridge of Sighs thing like they do in Venice where the jailer takes the manacle off for a second and says, ‘Do you want to do yourself?’ Or Tom Hagen goes to visit Frankie Pentangeli in prison and says, ‘Do you want to do the honorable thing?’”

“And if he doesn’t, we should tell we’re going to eventually put him to death,” Miller continued. “But here’s the coda: We’re not going to tell him when it has happened because he didn’t tell them. He’s going to sit in that cell and sometime between his 19th year and the end of his life, we’re going to blow the wall of that cell out. And we’re not going to tell him when it happens. And if we don’t want to start — if we want to take the high ground in our war on terror — we are going to have the best seat in the house to witness our own demise. Wake up, America.”

O’Reilly then went back to his prior query about Obama and his reluctance to use charged terms like “jihadist” and “Islamic.”

“What are you asking me for — I’m giving you my answer,” Miller said. “You want it? He’s either creepy, he’s either stupid, or like that super computer, he has thrown a gear. But this is crazy what he’s doing here.”

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