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Lars Larson: Media will ignore Gosnell trial since it violates liberal narratives [VIDEO]

Ginni Thomas Contributor

Radio host Lars Larson thinks Kermit Gosnell’s trial in Philadelphia clearly demonstrates the liberal bias of the American media.

The Portland, Oregon-based broadcaster tells The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas that he believes newsrooms intentionally spiked the story because it violates so many liberal narratives.

Despite allegations that Gosnell may have killed as many as 100 babies that were born alive as the result of botched abortions with scissors, the media was conspicuously absent in covering the trial. Larson says it is because the monstrous story runs afoul of the idea that “abortion is a right and you can have it at any time you want, for any reason: because you are inconvenienced, because the baby would get in the way [or], as the president has famously said, because you felt you were punished with a baby [because] it came at the wrong time.”

According to Larson, the case also offends liberal sensibilities because it depicts “an African-American monster — accused of being a monster — in a major American city running an abortion clinic that sounds like it was written out of a Stephen King novel.”

Larson says that when a story like this violates so many of liberals’ core beliefs, the liberal media “will simply pretend it doesn’t exist.”

Larson’s three-hour radio show is broadcast nationally every weekday. He also does a separate three-hour weekday show for the Pacific Northwest and writes up to four commentaries a day.

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