Cowardly Nuggets fan deserves some vintage Ron Artest [VIDEO]

Stuart Dezenhall Contributor
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A fan at Tuesday night’s Warriors-Nuggets game can officially be labeled The Worst.

After Warriors guard Steph Curry almost led his team back from yet another deficit, some punk Nuggets fan decided that he had a few words for Mr. Curry as he went to the locker room.

Curry heard this clown and walked toward him as menacingly as a grown man that looks like a 12 year-old could, and told him to watch his mouth.

The Nuggets fan then went into fight-or-flight mode and quickly sided with flight. He went with a palms up “Who, me!? I didn’t say anything!!” look while Curry’s teammates, including Andris Biedrins and Ivan Drago, took Curry away.

Only when Curry began to once again leave the floor did the douchebag return to his taunting.

The play-by-play offered by TNT’s Kenny Smith and color commentary by Charles Barkley are pitch-perfect.

“That’s one of my rules,” Barkley said. “You should always be able to go and grab one fan out of the stands and beat the hell out of ’em. … You get one a game.”

Indeed, there would be a whole lot less taunting if fans knew there was a chance that Charles Barkley in his prime was going to come into the stands and wallop them good.

It must be noted that there are few NBA players less threatening than Curry. It should also be noted that he has a full-on goon squad of big men willing to protect him and a powerful, vocal NBA personality campaigning for a Beat-The-Hell-Out-Of-A-Fan Night.


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