How Mollie Hemingway used Twitter to push the media to cover Gosnell

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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After watching the trial of abortion Dr. Kermit Gosnell elicit a collective yawn from the mainstream media, religion writer Mollie Hemingway took to Twitter.

“I don’t know what possessed me a couple weeks ago to start asking reporters on Twitter why they were participating in the cover up,” she told me recently, “but I did and it worked out actually pretty well, because a lot of them responded with their excuses or explanations — none of which went over well…”

The most telling response came from a Washington Post reporter, who essentially told her it was a local crime story.

“It’s not just that they didn’t cover this trial of what may be the worst serial killer in American history — because he happened to be an abortionist,” Hemingway said, “but what it means about their larger inability to cover this topic, or forget that their supposed to be journalists and not advocates for Planned Parenthood.”

A contributor to and an editor at Ricochet, her background and viewpoint position her as a unique voice. “I’m libertarian and I’m Lutheran,” she said. Along with other writers like Kirsten Powers, Hemingway stands out as a driving force who rose to the occasion in order to challenge the media to cover this horrific story.

Listen to my full conversation with Mollie Hemingway here:

Matt K. Lewis