Reporter describes team’s wins as ‘a tremendous amount of sex’ [VIDEO]

Betsi Fores The Daily Caller News Foundation
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Sex? Success? What’s the difference, right?

In what might have been the greatest Freudian slip ever, CSN reporter Susannah Collins reported from outside of the Chicago Blackhawk’s locker room that the team had experienced “a tremendous amount of sex during the regular season.”

What she meant to say was that “The Blackhawks had a tremendous amount of success this regular season.”



The professional ice hockey team has indeed experienced a great deal of success this season with their 36-7 record, which may have in turn led to a “tremendous amount of sex” this season, though it’s doubtful this is the point she was trying to make.

Collins tweeted responding to her on air flub, “Don’t worry, I’ll do my best to avoid saying ‘Clutterbuck’ tonight. Can’t have a other slip-up! #thatdidntgothewayiplanned.” No, it certainly did not go the way she planned. (Clutterbuck is a player on the opposing Wild team).

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