James Carville: ‘I don’t view Rachel Maddow as far left’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On Thursday night’s edition of “The O’Reilly Factor” on the Fox News Channel, host Bill Bill O’Reilly and former Clinton campaign adviser James Carville debated whether liberals have been pushed further to left by activists and various media factions.

O’Reilly pointed to Wednesday’s May Day protest in Seattle as one piece of evidence. He also pinned the blame on MSNBC, arguing that his employer’s cable news rival is “putting forth” a far left ideology.

Carville disagreed and said the hosts on MSNBC network, including Rachel Maddow, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski do not hold views of the far left.

Partial transcript as follows:

O’REILLY: What I’m interested in is the line. See, I see that the line now of that liberal Americans, moderate-liberal Americans, whatever, alright — I agree with you they are not for this crazy stuff. But the far left, the in-your-face people, the MSNBC people — I mean, they are starting to dominate the conversation now. They are starting to put forth these things and that’s getting identified with the liberal people.
CARVILLE: Wait, well, let’s stop. I don’t think Lawrence O’Donnell or Joe Scarborough or Rachel Maddow —
O’REILLY: Let me stop you there. Wait, wait, wait. Mr. O’Donnell openly says. Wait, wait. You made a statement so let me question you.
CARVILLE: Go ahead.
O’REILLY: Mr. O’Donnell says is he a socialist. That’s not a far-left position?
CARVILLE: Again, he is not breaking the law.
O’REILLY: It’s not about a law. It’s about a mentality.
CARVILLE: There are people — I may not share their views. Do you share these crazy birther’s views or agenda that Glenn Beck? Of course you don’t, they are loony.
O’REILLY: Beck and I go at it all the time here. You are dodging the question though.
CARVILLE: I’m not dodging the question.
O’REILLY: I gave you concrete examples of far left people, alright? And you are telling me they are not far left.
CARVILLE: I don’t view Rachel Maddow as far left. I don’t view Joe Scarborough or Mika Brzezinski as far left people. I just don’t.
O’REILLY: Al Sharpton and the crew are really pushing the envelope to the left. I mean, that’s a pretty generous thing.
CARVILLE: Rev. Al — he is a pretty liberal guy.

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