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Anti-bullying advocate Dan Savage wishes cancer on Sarah Palin

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Dan Savage is an author, advice columnist, and founder of It Gets Better, an anti-bullying project. If you’ve ever seen one of those videos of a celebrity telling gay teens “it gets better,” that was Dan’s idea.

A noble goal, to be sure. But when he says things like this, it makes me wonder just how noble he is:

And yes, that’s the real Dan Savage. His Twitter handle is ironic. Get it?

He also doesn’t like to be told when he’s being self-evidently hypocritical. It makes him lash out like a child:

But he won’t get over it. He’ll continue to say hateful things about people he hates, while pretending to be some sort of anti-bullying guru.

Dan Savage is emotionally ill. And judging by all available evidence, he won’t get better.

(Hat tip: Twitchy)