Did 1D star Harry Styles weigh in on the unemployment debate?

E.J. Fores Contributor
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Harry Styles, former accessory to Taylor Swift and lead heartthrob of the British boy band One Direction (or 1D, for the textually challenged) may have weighed in on the hot-button issue of unemployment Sunday night after a concert in Denmark.

In a telling tweet, Styles shared his true thoughts on unemployment: “Get a proper job you dicks,” read a concert sign with the attached caption, “Possibly the best sign at a show ever.”

It is quite possibly the greatest sign ever. And it was decorated with choice phrases like, “Can U not,” “U suck,” and “Ugh.”

Sun News, however, alleges that Styles’s tweet has nothing to do with the current employment situation and instead was directed to the paparazzi.

“It seems the fan who was waving it aloft was actually referring to paparazzi who follow the band around everywhere,” The Sun reports.

The teenie-bopper crooner and his compatriots are in the midst of a Euro-tour and much like their popstar predecessors Justin Bieber and Katy Perry, will release a self-glorifying documentary following their rise to pop stardom, aptly entitled “One Direction: This is Us.”

The story of 1D will be released in 3D at the end of August.

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