Amanda Bynes memorial tribute pops up in East Village [PHOTO]

E.J. Fores Contributor
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As the Greek-like tragedy of Amanda Bynes’ life continues, one fan in the East Village of New York erected a memorial in honor of the former child star’s once (kind of) successful career.

Nestled between East 9th street and Stuyvesant, a vigil complete with candles, flowers, and a picture that appears to be from Instagram have arisen, proving that Nickelodeon fans everywhere are not taking Bynes’ recent behavior lightly.

Amanda Bynes memorial

Amanda Bynes memorial

The tribute-maker even went so far as to photoshop Byne’s face on the Virgin Mary Candles. Now that’s dedication.

Bynes’ erratic behavior as of late has been concerning to the celebrity gossip obsessed. Last year’s DUI hit and run legal battle soon devolved into her shaving off half her hair and tweeting naked selfies.

The world now sits in anticipation for Bynes’ next crazed, desperate stunt to attract relevance.

(Photo: evgrieve.com)

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