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Mika Brzezinski: “Ah, bah, bah, bah, bah”

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If you’re like most of America, you don’t watch Morning Joe. Or anything else on MSNBC, for that matter. And for that, I applaud your discernment.

But it’s a good thing Mark Finkelstein at Newsbusters was watching this morning, or we all might’ve missed this gem:

On Election Day in South Carolina, as Republican Mark Sanford seeks to regain his old congressional seat, Mika Brzezinski did her best to stop Joe Scarborough from mentioning an ugly slur that the Chairman of the state’s Democratic party had made against Republican Governor Nikki Haley.

“Ah, bah, bah, bah, bah.” Good point, Mika.

But can you really blame her for trying to keep such information from her viewer(s)? That’s no way to get Democrats elected. And that’s why Mika Brzezinski is there.

Update: Oh, this guy is a gem.

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