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Terry McAuliffe’s wife has a great life because her credit cards are paid, says Terry McAuliffe

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Recently, we learned how many times Terry McAuliffe has ditched his wife Dorothy for politics: five, by his own admission. That includes leaving her in the delivery room as she gave birth to their daughter Sarah, so he could attend a Washington Post party.

But in case you were starting to feel sorry for Dorothy, don’t worry. She’s got a great life. Just ask Terry!

Brent Scher at the Washington Free Beacon reports:

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe told a Vanity Fair writer that his wife Dorothy has a great life as long as her credit card bills are paid in full and that she doesn’t know how much money he has…

The Daily Beast reports on the latest revelation:

On Wednesday, a Republican operative passed along yet another doozy, this one from a collection by the late Vanity Fair writer Marjorie Wiliams. In it, McAuliffe tells Williams, whom he considered a friend, that his wife doesn’t know how much money the couple has. “She’s got a great life. Listen, her credit cards are paid and all that. She knows I do very well. But she has no idea. Myself and my accountants are the only people who know.”

Hey, so what if McAuliffe sounds like he just stepped off the set of Mad Men? It’s not like he said something really stupid and sexist, like “binders full of women.” (Remember that one? If so, could you please explain what was wrong with it? Nobody has ever really explained.)

The Democratic Party’s War on Women continues. Keep up the misogynistic work, Dems.

(Hat tip: Dana Loesch)