Rob Kardashian gets charged with theft and battery

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Rob Kardashian is emerging from the long shadows cast by his unruly sisters with some misbehavior of his own. Kardashian, founder of that weird sock brand, was charged with battery and theft for lashing out at a female photographer, TMZ reports.

Apparently, it happened like this: Last March, Rob, the fattest of the Kardashian siblings, was working out at a gym in West Hollywood when a member of the paparazzi snapped a few pics of the lad….topless.

He then proceeded to attack the camerawoman, who has been cited as Andra Vaik, and steal the camera’s memory card.

According to a report, he was charged with two misdemeanors for the attack and petty theft.

Kardashian claims the photographer was trespassing on private property; the incident happened in the gym’s parking garage where he says Vaik waited for him to change clothes in his car.

Vaik, however, has brought forth her own civil suit  over the allegations.

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