Kristol: Rove’s American Crossroads uses Benghazi for ‘fundraising’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol fired a shot at Karl Rove’s super PAC American Crossroads on this weekend’s “Fox News Sunday,” after Rove’s group ran a recent video ad targeting former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her handling of the Benghazi debacle.

Kristol called the 90-second video criticizing Clinton over Benghazi “ridiculous” and said it was nothing more than fundraising.

“[B]oth of these scandals, Benghazi and the IRS — it should not be a partisan reaction,” Kristol said. “I do not like these conservative Republican groups putting ads out about Hillary Clinton. What is the point of that? That is just fundraising by American Crossroads and other groups. It’s ridiculous. There’s no campaign going on. Let’s pull the partisanship back.”

“It’s genuine outrage what happened in Benghazi,” he continued. “It’s a genuine outrage what the IRS did. There should be bipartisan committees, as Kim [Strassel] said, investigating both from Congress. So I wish the Republicans would just be quiet for a while — I mean the partisan Republican groups that are fundraising off this should be quiet on both issues for a while and let’s find out what really happened.”

Watch the American Crossroads video:

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