Karl Rove fires back at Bill Kristol for criticism of anti-Hillary American Crossroads ad [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Over the weekend on “Fox News Sunday,” Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol took a shot at Karl Rove’s super PAC American Crossroads for an ad that criticized former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Kristol accused Rove’s group of using the terror attack to fundraise, which Kristol argued distracts from the investigation.


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On Monday’s “America Live” on the Fox News Channel, Rove reacted to Kristol’s criticisms by justifying the ad.

“You know, look, I understand that a criticism of the Obama administration is going to immediately have Democrats saying, ‘You’re politicizing — it is all politics,'” Rove said. “I’m surprised Bill Kristol, whose magazine has been critical of the Obama administration, would join in that chorus. That chorus consists of Jay Carney and people in Democrat leadership and it’s a little bit inexplicable. I just say this — this was appropriate. We need to help the American people grasp this.”

Rove had one final parting shot, pointing to the viewership of his ad compared the Weekly Standard’s subscription numbers.

“More people have seen this ad than subscribe to The Weekly Standard, which has been covering the same story and making the same points. So I don’t see anything wrong with it,” Rove added.

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