Beyoncé is possibly, maybe pregnant

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After Beyoncé’s midsection was completely camouflaged by swaths of fabric and a large belt at last Monday’s Met Gala, the tabloids are abuzz with speculation that the singer is expecting her second child.

Some are convinced that she is pregnant. The New York Post claims it spoke to “multiple sources” that claim she is, in fact, expecting. But others say that the rumors of a pregnancy are “silly.”

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Let’s examine the evidence, shall we?

Earlier this month, Beyoncé told “Good Morning America” that she would like for her daughter, Blue Ivy, to have a sibling.

“I would like more children,” she said. “I think my daughter needs some company … at some point, when it’s supposed to happen.” A red herring? Probably! (Maybe.)

Last week, a London concertgoer posted a YouTube video that features the singer with a slightly less-than-taut midsection, which could either be the aftereffect of eating a delicious meatball sub, or the result of a little baby Beyoncé growing inside.


On Tuesday, Beyoncé canceled a concert on the Belgium leg of her “Mrs. Carter” tour on doctor’s orders due to her morning sickness “dehydration and exhaustion,” sparking more speculation that Bey and Jay are expecting a second child. She has another concert at the same arena scheduled for Wednesday, but “she is awaiting word from her doctors before making a decision.”

Sources — most likely from inside Beyonce’s press team — told Us Weekly that the pregnancy rumors are “silly” because Beyoncé isn’t stupid enough to get pregnant in the middle of her world tour.

Or is she just that smart? Hear us out:

Beyoncé and her team notoriously banned photographers from all but one stop on her world tour so as not to get a bad angle of her — or could it be so that there are no photos of her burgeoning pregnancy?

As far as pregnancies go, Mrs. Carter isn’t exactly known for subtlety. She revealed her first pregnancy while on stage as she closed out the end of the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards by flashing the world a glimpse of her spandex-clad stomach.

Beyoncé’s tour ends with three shows in her husband’s hometown/ kingdom of Brooklyn, N.Y. in August, which — if she IS with child — would be the perfect time to make a dramatic announcement at right around the five- or six-month mark.

If Beyoncé is actually pregnant, then it will be revealed in the most fabulous, over-the-top way possible. If she isn’t expecting another child, then we are all assholes for speculating as to why her stomach isn’t as flat as a board.

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