Taco Bell geniuses testing breakfast Waffle Taco

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Do you ever wake up in the morning and think to yourself, “Man, I really could go for a taco with a waffle acting as a shell filled with sausage and maple syrup?” If this is the case — and you happen to live in southern California — you’re in luck.

Several Taco Bell restaurants in Orange County and neighboring areas are testing out the Waffle Taco (which is exactly what it sounds like) in hopes of attracting more customers to the fast food chain’s breakfast menu, because everybody likes tacos and everybody likes waffles.

So why not just make it easier on everyone involved and combine these two inherently opposite foods and sell it for 89 cents?

Waffle taco

A Taco Bell spokesman told USA Today that the if the item is popular enough, the chain plans to roll out the Waffle Taco in all markets.

USA Today notes that both McDonald’s and Jack in the Box sell similar items using waffle as the anchor to breakfast sandwiches. Taco Bell’s version isn’t much different, except for the fact that it is rolled up like a taco, which immediately makes it superior.

Food historian Andrew Smith told the paper that the breakfast item may not become widely popular, but it could become a mainstay in California where “anything named ‘taco’ would probably sell better at breakfast than anything not named ‘taco.'”

(Image via Foodbeast)

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