Berlusconi’s bunga bunga parties featured strippers dressed as Obama

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Picture this (if you dare): Silvio Berlusconi’s notorious “bunga bunga” parties featured strippers dressed as President Barack Obama.

According to sworn testimony by a Karima el-Mahroug, the alleged underage prostitute at the center of the scandal, the embattled former Italian prime minister hired women to perform stripteases in sexy nurse, sexy nun and sexy Barack Obama costumes, The Associated Press reports.

Three former Berlusconi aides are on trial for procuring el-Mahroug and another prostitute for sex. She claims she was paid about $40,000 to attend his wild parties over the course of a year.

The aides are accused of recruiting prostitutes, abetting prostitution and, in el-Mahroug’s case, abetting prostitution of a minor. Berlusconi is facing separate charges for having sex with el-Mahroug when she was just 17, which they both deny.

During her testimony Friday, el-Mahroug said that several women were dressed as nuns, Obama and the Milan prosecutor who is after Berlusconi. Of course, they didn’t stay dressed like that for long before stripping down to their lingerie.

“The girls who were dressed in costumes approached him in a sensual way as they danced. They raised their skirts,” she said. “I never saw contact.”

El-Mahroug said that she went to the former prime minister’s mansion, Arcore, six times and each time was handed envelopes full of cash from 500 to 2,000 euros.

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