Woman accused of poisoning five family members because one wouldn’t share cheese

Laurel Contributor
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Revenge is not so sweet for a North Carolina woman now charged with poisoning five family members to get back at a relative who would not share cheese with her, The Associated Press reported.

Tiara Drake, 24, was so upset when a relative wouldn’t share cheese last Friday that she made sure that none of the family members would be able to enjoy it.

Early the next morning, instead of taking advantage of the moment by eating the cheese, Tiara instead poisoned it with detergent and window cleaner.

A little while later, family members used the cheese to make their breakfast. By the time that one member noticed that something seemed wrong, four members of the family had already consumed the poisoned cheese.

They contacted poison control who recommended drinking milk to counteract the chemicals.

The plot of revenge seems to have failed; while all family members are fine, Drake is now charged with five counts of attempted murder and held in jail under a $50,000 bond.

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