Now your frozen yogurt comes with a topping of cleavage [PHOTOS]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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What Hooters did for the sports bar, Cups is doing for the frozen dessert market.

Cups — a new frozen yogurt chain with 12 stores in New Jersey and New York, and whose name is quite purposefully a double entendre — has capitalized on both the popularity of fro-yo and the always beloved female bosom.

Cups Fro-Yo

The chain features the same everyday frozen yogurt and sprinkles as its competitors, but it has a leg up on other fro-yo franchises by only hiring females who are willing to wear tight and low-cut tank tops.

Cups server (Photo: Cups/ Facebook)

According to reviews, the “Hooters of fro-yo” has good a good product and an even better atmosphere because of its loud club music and — of course — the busty sales girls.

Unfortunately, Cups is currently only in New Jersey and New York. But if Hooters’ world domination is any indication, there could be a cleavage-y frozen yogurt shop in your city soon.

(Photos courtesy Cups, Facebook)

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