China builds world’s largest spokeless Ferris wheel [PHOTOS]

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China is building the world’s largest spokeless Ferris wheel in order to bolster tourism, the Daily Mail reports.

The striking Ferris wheel, named the “Turn of Fortune,” is expected to open in October in eastern China. It will feature 24 cars, each seating 5 people. A single rotation around the 276-foot diameter is expected to take only 22 minutes.

Construction began back in 2009 and is expected to be completed this summer. The spokeless wheel has cost more than $23.8 million dollars and has been met with numerous delays. Earlier this year, construction halted for six months while safety checks were carried out.

Such checks are vital because going spoke-free presents a bevy of complications. For instance, the wheel’s parts may be prone to rust because of exposure to the elements, and are both complex and expensive.

At 292 feet tall, it is nearly 100 feet taller than the previous largest spokeless Ferris wheel, Tokyo’s “The Big O.”

Check out photos of the Turn of Fortune below:


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