Schoolgirl uses unicorn passport to enter Turkey

Ariel Cohen Contributor
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A nine-year-old girl from Wales,, Emily Harris, made it through Turkish border security using nothing more than a toy passport that belonged to her stuffed unicorn, Lilly.

According to the Daily Mail, officials at Antayala airport even unwittingly stamped the girl’s toy passport before letting her through border control.

Harris’s mother said that she accidentally threw the Bear Factory passport in along with her and her husband’s Official UK Passports.

Even though border security officials are supposed to carefully scrutinize all passports, the official apparently didn’t look carefully enough to see that the picture of Emily Harris’s passport was of a purple unicorn.

Only after safely making it through border security did Emily’s mother admit to her mistake.

Lily the unicorn did not accompany the family on their Turkish holiday.

Full story: ‘Schoolgirl, 9, passes through passes through Turkish customs with toy passport identifying her as a UNICORN’ 

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