White House found foundering over “Founding Fathers”

Jim Treacher | Blogger

Courtesy of Charles C. W. Cooke, here’s a glimpse of what the smart people at the White House just put up on their big fancy website today:


“The Founding Founders.”

That’s a good start. “Fathers” is way too sexist and patriarchal and other adjectives we all should use far more often. But is “Founders” really appropriate? What is it that they “founded,” exactly? America? Umm, it was already here, teabaggers! We just came along and put up shopping malls. Wouldn’t a more appropriate term be “Old Dead White Guys Who Caused All the Problems in the World, So Shut Up”? I guess that’s kind of a mouthful, but it’s way more accurate.

The White House has now wussied out and changed it to “Founding Fathers.” I don’t understand why they’re always caving to you wingnuts…


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