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Federal government has new group in its sights

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This week the US House of Representatives considers the 2013 Farm Bill — the agriculture policy tool for the federal government. Of all of the amendments that will be debated, there is one in particular that has conservatives fuming. If passed, the “Egg Bill” amendment will result in an unfunded government mandate on thousands of American family farmers. The amendment calls for federal requirements on the size and structure of egg producing facilities. This mandate could have significant consequences for farmers — especially the smaller, familyrun businesses. It would likely force farmers to shut down their operations or significantly increase their production costs, which will inevitably be passed on to consumers at the grocery stores and at restaurants. This complete overhaul of our nation’s egg producing facilities is expected to increase the price of eggs and any food containing eggs, such as baked goods.

The Egg Bill amendment is being pushed on Capitol Hill by liberal animal activist organizations, such as the Humane Society of the United States, who have made it their mission to end animal agriculture as we know it.

The Egg Bill amendment is opposed by conservative groups, such as Americans for Prosperity, and a majority of the US agriculture industry. Opponents say that similar mandates in Europe have cut food supplies and driven up costs, without any evidence of improved food safety, animal welfare or other social benefits.

It is also widely believed that the Egg Bill amendment sets a dangerous precedent for government control of all family farms – including those that produce meat, poultry and dairy products. Furthermore, it needlessly replaces the family farmer’s traditional values and good judgment with a bureaucratic mandate from Washington, DC.

This looming move by Congress comes on the heels of scandals at the Internal Revenue Service and the Justice Department, and would continue the precarious trend of the federal government overreaching and compromising Americans’ freedoms.

One organization is standing up to big government and working to keep the Egg Bill off the Farm Bill. Keep Food Affordable (KFA) is a coalition that brings together consumers, farmers and food security organizations to support policies and practices that will allow America’s farmers to produce food safely, efficiently and without any unnecessary financial burdens so that all Americans can have access to safe and affordable food. KFA is helping Americans voice their opposition to the Egg Bill and communicate their desire to keep DC bureaucrats off family farms directly to their members of Congress through an online advocacy tool. The coalition hopes that with enough input from constituents, the House will act in the best interest of those most at risk of being hurt by the Egg Bill.

If the Farm Bill passes with the Egg Bill attached as an amendment, farmers will lose income, American families will be forced to spend even more money on food and Congress will emerge with egg on its face.




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