Chris Christie hits Obama and Dems on lack of leadership

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was on “Morning Joe” this morning (full interview here), for what turned out to be great TV. Christie is famously a good friend of the show, but that didn’t stop host Joe Scarborough from asking him some very tough questions (including why he chose to hang out with Bill Clinton instead of speaking to the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference last week.)

Observers will be sure to seize on Christie’s comments that he will probably wait until 2015 to decide whether or not to run for president. But in my estimation, the real news was that Christie went out of his way to hit Democrats and President Obama — arguably the best indicator he will, in fact, seek the Republican nomination.

When Mike Barnicle tried to get him to take a swipe at Republicans in Congress, Christie refused to take the bait, instead, criticizing Republicans and Democrats. Then, completely unsolicited, Christie chastised President Obama for failing to launch a bipartisan “charm offensive” that might have changed the tone in Washington.

(By the way, this is information Christie’s team obviously wants you to know, inasmuch as they edited and distributed the video above.)

Matt K. Lewis