Kim and Kanye’s actual baby name is worse than anyone imagined

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor

If it was possible to name a child something worse than Kaidence, leave it to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to outdo the rumors.

Before their child was born, rumors circulated that they planned to name her something that started with the letter “K,” because of course.

After her birth, it was reported that they named her Kaidence — as in cadence with a “K” — because of music. It turns out, however, that it they actually named her something worse than anyone could have dreamed up.

TMZ reports that the name on the birth certificate of the child is North. North West. Like where Washington state is located on a map, or the opposite of southeast.

The baby girl, who has no choice in the matter whatsoever until she is 18 and can legally change her name to whatever she wants including Kaidence, is named North West.

At least they did not name her “Knorth.” (That we know of.)

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