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About the author: OBACK2KENYA is a 68-year-old retired private detective who frequently leaves comments under articles published in The Daily Caller. He is also a syndicated advice columnist published in over 30 newspapers nationwide. If you have a question for OBACK2KENYA, please email him at


My wonderful husband and I never wanted kids. In fact, not wanting children was something that brought us together long before we tied the knot. But around my 40th birthday something changed. For the first time I started thinking it might actually be nice to have a little rugrat running around the house. He argued that we had already agreed to stay childless and, knowing he was right, I let the subject drop. That was six months ago.

Last week my doctor informed me that I’m pregnant. It came as a shock — I’ve been on birth control since high school — but I couldn’t help but feel thrilled that I would get my chance to be a mother. Still, I’m afraid of what my husband will say when I tell him. Will he think that I stopped taking the pill and tried to trick him into having a baby? What if he doesn’t want to raise it?

I understand that its my choice whether or not we keep this baby, but I still want my husband on board. How do I convince him that my pregnancy is a blessing and not a curse?


Pondering in Portsmouth

Dear Pondering,

WE THE PEOPLE are tired of THIS CRAP!!!1! When will the LIBS and COMRADE OBOZO realize we are NOT THERE SLAVES? We’re living in the 4TH REICH under Obamao…Its sick twisted and WRONG to think that where just going to TAKE IT 4ever… I dont get how Nixon got IMPEACHED but noone can touch HUSSEIN O and his MUSLIM bro. Eric FAST AND FURIOUS Holder and co. DOES ANY1 even REMEMBER BENGHZI? Tired of MEDIA BLACKwash of THESE CRIMES…NSA IRS AGENDA 21 FT HOOD and UNCONSTITUTIONAL SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY!!!x




I’m in love with my twin brother’s wife, and I think she may feel the same way about me. I know it would be crazy to tell her but, at the same time, it takes every ounce of my resolve to not grab her by the hand and run away to somewhere — anywhere — where we can be together. We haven’t acted on our feelings yet, but I worry (and hope) that one day it will get the best of us and we’ll just throw caution to the wind. I am not able to express how strongly I feel about her, but I can say it is the most powerful attraction I have ever felt in my life.

To make matters even more complicated, I have a wife who is very close with my brother and his family. Thankfully we don’t have any kids, but I don’t think she suspects a thing, and my leaving her for her friend and sister-in-law would wreck her emotionally. Is there any way I can justify pursuing the love of my life, or do I just need to find a way to chastely live with my desire?


Amorous in Anaheim

Dear Amorous,

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My lovely niece is having her Bat Mitzvah next month and I want to throw her a party. At the same time, I worry about inviting some of her new “friends” who — and not to sound like an old fogey — spend a little too much time partying. She’s a great kid and has always earned top marks, but the new group he’s hanging out with worries both me and his parents. They’re the kids they used to call “burnouts” when I was in school — the grubby, shaggy, and spend-a-little-too-much-time-skateboarding kind of kids. I also suspect a few of them smoke marijuana.

Am I worrying needlessly about this Bat Mitzvah, or am I right to trust my judgement and forbid these kids from coming?


Aunt in Albany

Dear Aunt,

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