Michigan man on marijuana mission rolls to White House

Charles Rollet Contributor
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A handicapped Michigan man has reached Maryland as he rolls his wheelchair to the White House in support of legalizing marijuana.

Curtis Kile, 52, has cerebral palsy and says marijuana helps control his muscle spasms.

Kile left his hometown of Taylor, Mich., on June 14. His final goal is to tell President Barack Obama in person that marijuana should be legalized, although the actual meeting, which Kile wants to take place on July 4, seems unlikely.

Kile told the Detroit Free Press he knew the meeting might not happen. But that isn’t stopping him, and supporters say his 500-mile journey is raising awareness for the cause.

“His story has inspired people all across the country,” Rick Thompson, an editor of a cannabis community news website, said.

Kile alleges that marijuana is not legal due to pressure from alcohol, pharmaceutical and tobacco companies.

“It’s the money that’s stopping it, and that’s wrong,” he said.

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Charles Rollet