Top plays of the weekend: fan edition

Caitlin McClure Contributor
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While it’s the fans who have to spend their hard-earned cash for a ticket to see their favorite players hit home runs and make diving catches, sometimes it’s the fans themselves who are the ones worth watching. Here are the top four plays of the weekend from the loyalists. Some end well, others not so much, but all reveal these folks’ enduring dedication to America’s favorite pastime.

4. The Pirate Parrot goes over the fence for a ball, but comes up short.

3. Orioles outfielder Nate McLouth collides with a fan going for a ball, and isn’t happy about it. The fan was the real loser in this battle though, losing the ball, his peanuts and his beer. Rough night.

2. During the Texas Rangers game, the mascots participated in the Texas Legends race, during which mascot Earl Campbell’s loses his trousers while running.

1. A Kansas City Royals fan tumbles backwards over his chair for a ball but makes the catch. Someone give this guy a uniform!