Hot suspected Russian spy asks Snowden to marry her

Josh Peterson Tech Editor
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Super hot suspected Russian spy Anna Chapman appears to be a fan of former NSA defense contractor Edward Snowden, tweeting on Wednesday that she would like to marry him.

Chapman — who first came to the public eye after the FBI arrested her in 2010 as part of a cell of Russian sleeper agents and then sent her back to Russia in a prisoner swap — sent her marriage proposal to Snowden via Twitter.

Snowden, who is on the run from the U.S. government for exposing portions of the NSA’s global surveillance apparatus,  is currently believed to be stranded in a Moscow airport and running out of options for asylum.

Chapman has never confirmed nor denied a relationship with the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, according to her biography posted in her official Facebook group.

She instead plead guilty to conspiracy charges brought by the FBI for failing to register with the U.S. Attorney General as an agent of a foreign government.

Following her return to Russia, she used her newfound fame to become a fashion and lingerie model, TV host, and celebrity face to a Moscow bank.

On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin denied allegations that Snowden was a “Russian agent.” Putin also denied that the the 30-year old fugitive was “working with” Russian intelligence services.

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