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Amanda Bynes tweets something unfavorable about the Obamas, is therefore a racist

I know exactly two things about Amanda Bynes:

1. She used to be a child star, and now she’s best known for being out of her mind. Like Lindsay Lohan, except slightly more talented and not nearly as interesting.

2. These days she spends her abundant free time on Twitter, calling people ugly. Like, lots of people. All the time. It’s just something she does now.

This is no longer tolerable, apparently, as of this morning:


We all know how it works. Once the accusation of racism has been made, the burden to prove otherwise is on the accused. If she clams up about it, that’s just further proof that she’s a racist. If she denies it, that’s even worse. And if she actually apologizes? Well then, it’s all over.

Although I guess it’s all over for her anyway. So what can this hurt? Now she can point out how ugly her detractors in the grievance industry are, and we can get a few more days of nonsense out of nothing.


(Full disclosure: I’m ugly as well. Or at least I’m sure Amanda Bynes would think so.)

Update: There we go, Byron Tau at Politico gets in on the action with some factless-checking.