Daily Caller blazes past Politico in web traffic; leaves other establishment, liberal sites in rearview mirror

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The Daily Caller has surpassed Politico in website traffic, according to audience measurement tool Quantcast. In U.S. website rankings released by Quantcast Sunday, The Daily Caller ranked as the 275th most visited site in the U.S., while Politico has fallen to 315th.


“We founded The Daily Caller because we were confident that there was a massive audience of online readers tired of the same old conventional (and usually liberal) Washington coverage,” said Neil Patel, Publisher and CEO. “Passing a much larger staffed, older and better funded outfit like Politico after only three years proves our vision. Influential readers, both inside and outside the Beltway, are incorporating The Daily Caller in ever-increasing numbers into their regular media rotation to ensure that they get a complete picture of the news.”

Since its launch in 2010, The Daily Caller’s traffic has risen at an accelerated rate, reaching an all-time high of over 8 million monthly unique users in October 2012, according to Google Analytics, another audience measurement tool. The site’s growth rate has been remarkable, attracting 4 million monthly unique users in January 2012, just two years after launch. Comparatively, Politico, which launched in January 2007, took over four years to reach the 4 million mark, hitting it midway through 2011, according to a report from The Wrap. After record-breaking traffic numbers on election night, 2012, Politico’s web traffic fell dramatically and has yet to rise to pre-election levels, according to Quantcast charts.

June 10-October 31, 2012

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November 12, 2012-now

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Uniques views July 2012-July 2013

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“We think there’s a direct connection between the toughness of our reporting and our growth,” said Tucker Carlson, this site’s editor-in-chief. “Unlike a lot of Washington-based publications, we don’t suck up to power, ever, and we think our readers appreciate that. Our job isn’t to tout the president’s agenda, or lovingly reprint every talking point that emerges from the West Wing. We practice traditional journalism, holding politicians accountable for their actions. It turns out there’s still a market for that.”

Patel added, “Our astronomical growth is a testament to the tireless, dedicated and hyper-energetic staff at TheDC. We could not be prouder of the team of rock stars we have assembled. They are kicking butt every day, and we thank them for that.”

Quantcast rankings are based on the previous 30 days of traffic for a website. In June, The Daily Caller recorded over 7.3 million unique users, according to Google Analytics. The Google Analytics numbers for Politico were not available.

In addition to Virginia-based Politico, The Daily Caller has also passed the websites for other mainstream establishment media outlets in the Quantcast rankings, including USA Today (297th), the BBC (339th), NPR (352nd), Chicago Tribune (359th), the New Yorker (466th) and the Financial Times (499th).

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