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In case you missed it, Alec Baldwin came back to Twitter for a minute

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Remember when he said a bunch of stupid stuff on Twitter and then quit and vowed never to come back? I know that doesn’t really narrow it down. He’s done it several times now.

After his most recent tantrum, everybody knew he’d be back again. He popped back up late Saturday night. And you’ll never guess what inspired him to return!

(WARNING: Naughty word)

Well, that’s some fine talk, coming from the star of Miami Blues! But that was a long time ago. A long, looooooooong time ago.

Baldwin then immediately deleted it, not because he didn’t mean it, but because he remembered that he promised to go away. He’s always promising that and never delivering. Eventually, and sooner than he’d like, that decision will be made for him by Father Time.

See you again soon, @ABFalecbaldwin!

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