Carney dismisses polls saying almost half of Americans don’t want Obamacare [VIDEO]

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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During his daily press briefing on Thursday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, was asked about implementation of the Affordable Care Act. One reporter brought up that in a recent poll, about half of Americans were not pleased with the bill.

Carney responded that negative public opinion will “take care of itself.” He blamed opposition for coloring the public perception and added that, “the picture painted by opponents does not represent the truth.”

He said the administration is “confident that when it is fully implemented, millions of Americans will have those benefits and will understand that the alternative would be to give up those benefits.”

His comments came on the heels of President Obama’s speech at the White House about the benefits the ACA will have for Americans. Obama said many Americans have already been experiencing some perks without being fully aware they were from the ACA.


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