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Spitzer to New York: Just give me one more chance, baby

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He has ads now. This is great!

What’s he talking about, “I hurt a lot of people”? His CNN show wasn’t that bad, was it?

Or is he talking about how he rose to power by busting prostitution rings, and then he got busted in a prostitution ring? Is that how he “failed, big-time”? Because that might be a bit of an understatement. That wasn’t so much a big-time failure as a completely humiliating repudiation of everything he claimed to stand for.

But then… when has that ever stopped a politician?

You can trust him when it comes to higher wages, of course. Just ask Ashley Dupré.

I’m rooting for Eliot Spitzer to return to elected office, because I don’t really like New York City. And also because it’ll be hilarious.

Go, Comptroller Nine!

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Jim Treacher