UPDATE: Judge will allow photos of Maryland teacher getting busy with family dog (and it was a Lab)

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The Daily Caller can now update the case of Stephanie Mikles, the Maryland teacher on trial for “unnatural or perverted sexual practice” because she allegedly had “sexual intercourse with a dog.”

The first update is that the canine in question is a Labrador retriever. The second update is the judge in the case denied requests by an attorney representing Mikles to suppress certain evidence and to dismiss the case, reports Bel Air Patch.

Mikles, 46, is a behavioral specialist with the Harford County Schools who has worked mainly with special needs children. The shocking evidence against her includes still photos. (RELATED: Cops say they have photos of Maryland teacher doing it with family dog)

There are 12 images in all allegedly depicting multiple instances of Mikles getting busy with the animal. The twisted acts allegedly occurred in August 2008. Assistant state’s attorney Lisa Marts informed the judge that police believe the teacher’s husband snapped the photos.

You’d think that such images would make prosecution a slam-dunk. However, visiting Baltimore County Judge Robert Dugan suggested precisely, exactly the opposite is true.

“Believe me Ms. Marts, this is no slam dunk for the state,” Dugan told the state’s attorney, notes Bel Air Patch.

Nevertheless, on July 10 the judge denied two defense motions to dismiss the case based on constitutional issues. He also denied a motion to suppress the allegedly incriminating photographs as evidence.

Leslie Gladstone, the attorney representing Mikles, argued that no animal was injured during any of the acts that allegedly occurred, that the alleged incidents occurred in a private home and that the bestiality statute at issue is too vague because it fails to define an “unnatural or perverted” sexual act.

In denying the motions to dismiss, Judge Dugan said he agreed with the state’s attorney that the state can protect animals in private homes if it so chooses.

Dugan did agree that the law is vague but said it didn’t matter. “I’m not here to grade the statute,” he said, according to the local news site.

The judge also allowed the photos as evidence because he did not buy Gladstone’s technical argument that the warrant allowing the seizure of the photos required police to review them only in a lab setting, which didn’t happen.

Police found the images because they were investigating other charges against Mikles involving sexual abuse of a minor and child pornography. No photographic evidence of those crimes ever turned up.

On August 7, a jury trial is scheduled in the case.

Sensibly enough, there is no statute of limitations in Maryland for bestiality, a misdemeanor punishable by up to 10 years in prison and fine of $1000.

Since the indictment, the Harford County Schools System has placed Mikles on administrative leave without pay. She has been an employee since 2009.

The dog apparently still lives with the teacher’s family in her home in bucolic Harford County.

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