WWE ‘Total Diva’ accidentally lets a nip slip

Paxton Delany Contributor
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Brea and Nicole are known as the Bella Twins, and they’ve been gracing the WWE Raw stage for more then five years now. And last night they gave the fans a lot more than expected while promoting their new reality show, “Total Divas.”

Brea was unaware that her nipple was on display for all the world to see. Of course she later apologized, because who would just let their nipple hang out on TV for a couple minutes?

“I apologize 4 my wardrobe malfunction I’m embarrassed & it looks as though the humidity made my tape come off You’ll never see that again!” Brea wrote on Twitter.


Well then, that just might get them the attention they were hoping for. For more nipple (maybe) watch the Total Divas premier at 9/10 CT on E!

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Paxton Delany